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10 reason why I love Denmark

Raven’s life in Copenhagen 

Yesterday I received a message from a sweet follower on Instagram who considered moving to Denmark and her question was; if I had any “life in Denmark ” related blogpost which gave me this great idea. Cause as much as we all know I looove to travel and most easily gets very exited about new big city’s as New York, LA and London – Copehagen is forever the place where I feel most at home. There is no other city which I feel the same love for and I know I grew up here, that might be it, but there is a special atmosphere, vibe and a cozy feeling around Copen as I’ve never met in another city. Maybe it’s the seasons, the beautiful within seeing a city glowing in the sun eating ice cream everyday half a year and having on big coats drinking hot chocolate while seeing the snow on the street the other half,  or maybe because we don’t have one beautiful building but a thousand, so no matter where you go you’ll see some pretty architecture. I’ve decided to put down 10 reasons why Copenhagen is so charming and why Denmark is where I want to settle down “full-time”.

  1. There is no other country which makes as good bakery as Denmark
  2. I love our multicultural society and how it’s possible to be who ever you want to.
  3. I’ve never experienced better interior than nordic design. and absolutely adore it.
  4. There is so many educations possibilities
  5. Even though we’re paying a high tax I love the idea of giving to someone who needs it more than me and it has given me a “free” opportunity to educate myself.
  6. There is no common style in Copenhagen, you can wear whatever you want and how you want it, I find it very inspiring walking down the streets seeing how different we all dress.
  7. You can bicycle 10 minutes from inner city and you’ll land on a beach. I’ve always loved the ocean
  8. It’s so small you can see everything in a day or two and I don’t know why I just love that we’re such a little cute city in such a big world haha
  9. We have all four seasons. I’m a sucker for sun, no doubt, but I love how cozy winter is, and I love how you look forward to wear different clothes doing the year.
  10. It’s like we are so small but we got it all in one. It’s not everywhere you can experience a crowed city life watching people stroll down the street in a hurry mood and then drive an hour and be on a calm farm watching horses, cows, dogs living their best life.

So this I why I love my hometown, because it has everything I ever need. 

Love, Raven


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